Darline and David were ecstatic when their new baby, Liorah, was born in November of 2018. Their previous kid, Holly, was born with jaundice, so when Liorah developed it, they weren’t very concerned and brought her to the doctor. A blood test was ordered by the doctor, and the results were abnormal. Liorah was transported to Montreal’s CHU Sainte-Justine, where she was discovered with biliary atresia, an uncommon liver ailment that can be deadly.

The medical staff conducted a Kasai operation on Liorah the day she was diagnosed, which is a technique that has a one in three probability of treating the liver deformity created by biliary atresia. Liorah was listed for a liver transplant five months after the procedure failed.

Darline was unable to work because Liorah required her care, and the family was trying to make ends meet on David’s pay alone. Their social worker informed them of the David Foster Foundation, which helped the couple with rental, meals, parking, petrol, car expenses, auto insurance, and childcare costs.

“The David Foster Foundation provided us with significant financial assistance, allowing us to take a breather and alleviate some of our stress”, Darline said. “The Foundation and our social worker were like angels sent to help soothe our agony.”

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