About Us

Save Lives Tomorrow is in charge of providing and coordinating organ/tissue donor and organ transplants providers across the region. We also prepare, advocate, and continue to support all healthcare services and professional advisers, proponents, and the general public in accomplishing their common and incorporated duties in protecting the lives of Ontarians who are waiting for organ transplants.

Save Lives Tomorrow is a division of Ontario Health. Ontario Health is a government body tasked with ensuring that Ontarians have access to advanced healthcare services whenever they need them.


More lives will be saved and enhanced in Ontario as a result of organ transplantation and donation.


That no one on the waiting list of organ or tissue transplant in Ontario dies as a result of a shortage of organs or tissues.

Common Goal

All Ontarians are encouraged to consider organ and tissue donations as a personal obligation.

What can you do to help?

Sign a consent form for tissue and organ donation. One organ donor could save up to 8 lives and improve up to 75 mostly through tissue donation.

Reach out to family and friends about your desire to donate.

Start an online campaign website to encourage people to sign up. It’s a simple and quick process.