What is Donate Today, Save Lives Tomorrow, and what does it do?

Donate Today, Save Lives Tomorrow, a division of Ontario Health, helps to provide and organize organ and tissue donation and transplantation services across the region. We also offer support and guidance for healthcare services and professional advisers to help Ontarians who are waiting for organ transplants.

Is my sexual orientation, age, or medical condition a barrier to becoming a donor?

Everybody, regardless of age, physical condition, or sexual preference, is a prospective donor. Donors can occasionally be people who are suffering from significant illnesses. Your registration decision must not be dependent on whether or not you believe you are eligible. All prospective candidates are assessed individually and medically in a case-by-case manner.

What should I do if I want to withdraw or update my consent to donate an organ or tissue?

What are the benefits of registering as an organ and tissue donor?

You offer support to the hundreds of Ontarians who are waiting for transplantation by confirming your permission for organ and tissue donation. People on the transplant waiting list are struggling with organ damage and will die unless an organ donor gives them the blessing.

Tissue donors can also improve the lives of burn survivors by restoring sight and allowing them to walk again. Transplants not only save human life, but they also allow patients to come back to work.