National Organ & Tissue Donation Awareness Month

Considering the increasing waitlist, Canada is among the lowest rates of organ and tissue donation among developing nations.

Are you willing to donate 2 minutes to possibly save some life? David Foster and the David Foster Foundation are using April as National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Month to raise awareness of the ongoing need for support and to inspire all Canadians to donate organs and tissues.

The David Foster Foundation is a national non-profit Canadian charity foundation aimed at assisting Canadian people with kids in need of life-saving pediatric organ transplants with non-medical costs.

The David Foster Foundation was able to assist a young child named Nate, who’s been suffering from intestinal dysfunction since birth and would need to be put on the waiting list for life-saving transplantation. The David Foster Foundation aided the poor family by giving funds for unanticipated financial constraints that developed while they sought a donor.

The David Foster Foundation has helped over 1,300 people with kids in need of life-saving transplantation and given much-needed funds in direct parental help over the last 35 years. Up to 8 lives can be saved and up to 75 people’s life quality can be improved by a single organ donation. The registration process takes only 2 minutes.

Canadians may learn more at

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