Canadian Transplant Association - L'association Canadienne des Greffés
Ryley is living life to the fullest and having more experiences than most people have living into old age.


APRIL 19 - 25, 2015

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2014 Life Changing Train for Heroes in support of organ donation.


Rocky Mountaineer’s second annual Life Changing Train for Heroes travelled to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada earlier this fall with 13 families onboard; organ donors, recipients and the organizations who support them. Our special guests from Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada were hosted by Randy Powell, President & CEO of Rocky Mountaineer. These families were honoured for their courage, spirit in the face of adversity and commitment to raising awareness for the global need for organ and tissue donation. The series of 4 videos vividly illustrates some of the challenges and joys of this complex and important issue.

Meet the Talbot family who suffered a tragic loss when Jonathon Talbot was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident. In that moment, they made a selfless decision that gave life to four others. Hear their incredible story and watch the Talbot’s moving journey onboard the Life Changing Train for Heroes.

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What We Do
Support and Education

The Canadian Transplant Association,(CTA), is a registered charitable organization founded in 1987 to enrich and celebrate life while promoting organ and tissue donation. Our members share a unique bond and include transplant recipients, candidates on transplant wait lists, donor families, living donors, families, friends and health care professionals.

Membership is open to all Canadians who share our mission to increase organ and tissue donation rates in Canada. The volunteer CTA Board of Directors collaborates with a number of related government, corporate and private organizations, provincially and nationally, and is a member of the World Transplant Games Federation, (recognized by the International Olympic Committee).


What You Can Do
Organ & Tissue Donation

The easiest way to get involved is to agree to become an organ donor! This simple and selfless act could mean the greatest gift for someone who needs help: a second chance at life.

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The Gift of a Lifetime

Right now, there are record numbers of people in your community who are on transplant waiting lists. There are many opportunities for you to make a difference.

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