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I never dreamed that I would be able to play hockey again but, six months later...

CTA Members Introduced into the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame

Edited from The Brampton Guardian

On Tuesday Nov 21, 2000, the 20th Annual Induction Ceremonies at the Brampton Centre for Sports and Entertainment, will be honouring 5 recipients from Brampton. Both Stevan Krajnjan and Dick Winter, Organ Transplant Recipients, were selected for their personal accomplishments over the years.

Stevan Krajnjan

Stevan was born in Yugoslavian 1958 and started playing tennis in local clubs in 1974 winning numerous singles and doubles championships over the next 25 years. He played tennis in highschool, achieving such titles as Peel singles and doubles Champion, as well as Peel-Halton Singles and doubles Champion. He was ranked as third in Ontario in class 'A' singles tennis competition. He also won the Peel singles title in Badminton.

The journey to the World Transplant Games began in 1983. when he ran into health problems reduced kidney function, resulting in him going on dialysis until 1987. In 1988, he received a kidney from his father Laza and resumed playing tennis six months after his transplant.

In 1990, Stevan joined the Canadian Transplant Association Team and has represented Canada on the world stage in a variety of racquets events. He won 3 gold medals and a silver in tennis, table tennis and badminton in Indiana (US) . In 1991 at the World Transplant Games in Budapest he won 2 silver medals in tennis. In 1992, at the American Transplant Games in Los Angeles he won 3 gold medals in tennis, table tennis and badminton in 1993. In 1995 at the World Transplant Games in Manchester, England, Stevan won gold medals in doubles tennis and silver in singles.

Stevan had to return to dialysis in 1995 until 1997, when he received another kidney donated by his sister Gordana.
Krajnjan is currently a teacher at Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public School in Brampton and is currently ranked fourth in Ontario in singles tennis in his age group.

Steven is a big supporter of promoting Organ Donor Awareness.

Dick Winter

Dick was born in Bermuda in 1937 and ventured to Canada in 1956 to complete a course as an Optician and stayed. In 1990, he had a liver transplant after being told he had only months to live. The transplant was a success and made Dick even more aware of being fit and having a healthy lifestyle. He decided to take up swimming and joined the Canadian Transplant Association Team at the World Transplant Games being held in Vancouver. He found his proficiency in swimming left much to be desired.

He returned home and became involved in a Master's Swim Group with coach, Steve Merker. Swimming then took on a more serious role and after much hard work, he came home from the 1995 World Transplant Games in Manchester, England proudly bearing 4 gold medals and a silver, all in swimming.

Winter trained doubly hard to go to the World Games in Australia (1997) but due to a flu-like virus, was unable to go at the last minute. In 1999. he went to the World Games in Budapest, Hungary and returned with a bronze medal.

Dick has been involved with 'Team Transplant', a Dragon Boat group of 22 transplant paddler's. He says, "It's our way of 'show casing' that organ donation works!"

Dick recently retired as an optician after working for over 46 years. He volunteers with the Brampton Memorial Hospital, visits patient at the Toronto Rehabilitation Centre repairing their eye-glasses, is Treasurer for the Canadian Transplant Association and produces their newsletters.

He says his biggest commitment, is promoting Organ Donor Awareness.