Canadian Transplant Association - L'association Canadienne des Greffés
I am so grateful for my new kidney and my second chance at life.

Gloria Santini Memorial Award

In memory of the late Gloria Santini, one of the founding members of the Canadian Transplant Association, (formerly known as the Canadian Transplant Games Association), for her dedication and perseverance in raising organ donor awareness, nationally and/or internationally.

This award will keep theSantini_Award.jpg memory of Gloria alive and in the hearts of many. And it will encourage members, old and new, to be involved in productive roles in the interest of the CTA and to make the CTA a household name, not only in Canada but around the world, while educating the public about the desperate need for organ donation. Gloria will be remembered for her unwavering commitment to saving lives as well as for her participation in the World Transplant Games, the world's largest organ donor awareness event.

ELIGIBILITY: Any member of the Canadian Transplant Association, who demonstrates the determination, ambition, dedication, perseverance, and professionalism, as Gloria did, in promoting and supporting the CTA Mission, nationally and/or internationally, is eligible for nomination.

The award is open for nomination every second year to coincide with the Canadian Transplant Games. The CTA awards committee reviews the nominees and makes a recommendation to the Executive Board.  The announcement of the recipient of the Gloria Santini award takes place at the Canadian Transplant Games closing gala. The award winner will be invited to the event for the award presentation. 

Previous recipients of this award include:
1998 - Cricket Fox
2000 - Dick Winter
2002 - Carol Devine
2004 - Janet Brady
2006 - Heather Fisher
2008 - Linda Rowe
2010 - Kathy Tachynski
2012 - Dave Smith
2014 - Neil Folkins