Canadian Transplant Association - L'association Canadienne des Greffés
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Resources and Links

General Information & Awareness

Visit eStore for Organ Transplant Awareness

Your support can make a difference! This e-store is a not-for-profit initiative with all proceeds from sales going towards further promotion of organ donation and transplantation.

Visit London Health Sciences Centre Transplant Merchandise

For more than 20 years, the Transplant Awareness Committee from London Health Sciences Centre in London, Canada has worked to increase awareness about the need for organ donation and the success of transplantation.

Visit Trillium Gift of Life Network

Trillium Gift of Life Network, along with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and ServiceOntario, has proudly launched online organ and tissue donor registration in Ontario.

Visit British Columbia Transplant Society

The British Columbia Transplant Society has an excellent site with information on BC's unique Organ Donor Registry.

Visit Québec-Transplant

Organisme du don d'organes au Québec.

Visit Canadian Association of Transplantation

What started in 1980 as an informal gathering of organ donor coordinators, dedicated to creating a network of information and expertise, has grown into the Canadian Association of Transplantation. CAT is a national association whose members have built a caring and professional foundation for the transplantation process in Canada.

Visit Victor Davis

The CTA gives issues a special award known as the VICTOR DAVIS AWARD, the award is given for outstanding contributions made in promoting organ donation in Ontario.

Visit Health Canada

A very resourceful link to all health matters.

Visit Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation is a not-for-profit, voluntary health agency whose mission is to support and fund research to find a cure for diabetes and its complications.

Visit Step by Step

Step By Step’s mission is to empower student participation Their role is to promote the importance of organ and tissue donations throughout the world by inspiring the public, media and the 3 levels of government.

Visit Merv Sheppard’s Blog site

Merv Sheppard's Blog is a wealth of information on the transplant community. It is well worth your time to register with Merv to get his latest information. The CTA salutes Merv for his dedication to running this informative site.

Visit Gordon Denison's web page

The CTA thanks Gord Dennison for his contribution to Organ Donor Awareness.

Visit Transplant Speakers International

A nonprofit organization solely comprised of transplant recipients and organ and tissue donor families...(USA)

Visit The Gift of a Lifetime

Waiting for and giving the gift - Organ Transplant. (USA)

Visit TransWeb

All about transplantation and Donation

Visit Transplant Australia

Transplant Australia is an association representing transplant recipients, those awaiting transplantation, donor families and medical professionals involved in organ donation and transplantation.


Visit Canadian PBC Society

The aim of the Canadian *PBC Society is to provide support, information and education and to raise funds for research. *Primary Billary Cirrhosis.

Visit Canadian Medic Alert Foundation

For organ donors, transplant recipients or patients awaiting transplant – Medic Alert® provides a comprehensive medical record, medical identification and a world-wide 24-hour emergency response centre.

Visit David Foster Foundation

The David Foster Foundation exists to provide financial and emotional help to the families of children needing organ transplants. Located in British Columbia, Canada

Visit Transplant Companions

A comprehensive adherence program for post-transplant recipients.

Transplant Games

Visit World Transplant Games Federation

Purpose: To increase organ donation and thereby successful transplantation worldwide.

Visit Transplant Sport UK

A registered Charity whose main aim is to raise awareness of the need for organ donation in the UK and worldwide. 

Visit Sports and Transplant Recipients

Sports and Transplant recipients in Holland (Nederlands).


Visit Canadian Liver Foundation

The Canadian Liver Foundation Home Page.

Visit Sandi's Crusade Against Hepatitis C

Smilin' Sandi's homepage providing Education, Support and Patient Advocacy worldwide since 1997.


Visit Canadian Kidney Foundation of Canada

The Canadian Kidney Foundation Home Page, containing much information about Kidney disease.

Visit National Kidney Foundation

Looking back to December 23rd 1954. Marking '50 Years' of kidney transplantation.

Visit In Focus: a photojournalist journey through kidney failure

Recently transplanted (March 31, 2000), photojournalist John Martin tell his story of kidney failure and ultimate transplantation.

Visit Paddle for Parts

Items of interest in our Far North.


Visit Canadian Lung Association

Provides information about respiratory health, including extensive asthma resources, and news and announcements for each provincial lung association.


Visit Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

This site features vital health information.


Visit The Alfred Transplant Family

Heart and Lung Transplant Family of the Alfred Hospital, Australia.

Visit London Health Sciences Center

Dedicated to excellence in patient care, teaching and research. There is an abundance of transplant information on this site.

Visit Toronto General Hospital, University Health Networks

Multi Organ Transplant Program


There are no links at this time.


Visit Canadian Society of Transplantation

Providing and maintaining a national professional forum for physicians, surgeons, scientists and others occupied in clinical and scientific aspects of transplantation.

Visit ITSCC International Transplant Skin Caner Collaborative

ALL Transplant recipients should take the time to review the ITSCC's Patient Education Link. It is a MUST review.

Visit UCLA Health Care and Transplantation Services

UCLA Medical Center is a national leader in the art and science of organ transplantation. UCLA Medical Center is one of only a few national transplantation centers that offer a full spectrum of Transplantation Services for adult and pediatric patients. (USA)